7 Great Options to Buffstreams for Streaming the NFL

The best alternatives sites where you can watch live sports, websites like Buffstreams that are just as good, and even some that are free to use, are all covered in this article. WizWig was a top choice amongst the many sites available to help you with your sports upgrade. Your video game shows can be broadcast live here, and you can always find the most up-to-date information here. Among other sports, you could participate in rugby and football. Get the latest American sports news, watch a live newscast, and more.

When it came to watching sports online, WizWig was hard to beat. However, it was given up on a year ago. However, unlike in the past, modern internet connections prevent you from downloading your games directly from the developer. As a result, you should seek out options other than best buffstreams that serve the same purpose and provide a more desirable update at a lower price. You can always rely on these alternatives to buffstreams, which we’ve compiled below. If you look through the list, you’ll find some great resources for live streaming sports.

Watching the NFL, NBA, Golf, and WWE: Top 7 Alternatives to Buffstreams

This article lists the best alternatives to buffstreams.

For today’s post, I’ve decided to show you some alternatives to buffstreams where you can watch sports and other shows online (no DVR required) so you can keep up with your favourite teams.

1. WiziWig New

With this free tool, you can watch the shows live from anywhere in the world. Hence, in addition to sports like football, tennis, and rugby, this website also allows you to watch cricket matches. The website with an online streaming centre lists all the video games, both those you are familiar with and others you are not. This is one of the greatest alternatives to buffstreams, yet most of the time it is considered to be even better.


2. Stream2Watch

Are you still looking for a website where you may watch sports on your computer? After that, you should use Stream2Watch. It is a free live streaming website where you can watch various types of sports in one location. Whether it’s cricket, football, tennis, tennis, wrestling, rugby, racing, NHL, hockey, golf, or any other sport or game, it contains everything you could ever want to watch. Just enter your email address to get free HD streaming of any sport.

3. Atdhe

On Atdhe, you may play the newest video games from across the globe. When entering this website, you may not stop to ponder since it is quite straightforward and also simple to broadcast. You may watch the live stream below without even registering. One of the greatest places to watch sports online, maybe. You ought to see it right away on your own.

4. 12thplayer

The focus of this website is football. From here, you may get Football’s most current upgrades. You will be sent to the online assistance as well as regular updates. This website offers free subscriptions. You must thus go through some of the website’s advertising. The top website for football enthusiasts is there in front of you, if you can manage that.

5. Cricfree

Cricket enthusiasts are the focus of Cricfree. You will undoubtedly find everything connected to cricket below. After you pay a monthly membership fee, you may watch the exact same match that you see on television. You may watch popular sports stations live right here as well. Cricfree is a free streaming website where you can watch your favourite sports.

6. VIP Leagues

This channel is excellent for enjoying sports. This website offers live broadcasts of all video games as well as all sports updates. You may watch any sports, not simply rugby or football, online. This is the channel’s typically intense section. In actuality, this streamline does not include any video games. Hence, as soon as you arrive at the website, you are free to peruse anything and take advantage of the online matches and updates.

7. LiveTV


A free website called LiveTV allows users to watch live streams of current video games and events happening all around the globe. It is completely and totally free. To access all of its material, you must register for an account. It’s just OK.


I’ve given you the greatest alternatives to buffstreams so you can simultaneously live stream any sport from your PC. Unlike cable links, these websites are free, thus there are no costs associated with them. You may want to bookmark this page to get updated on free sports streaming services. How did you find this article? Have you used any other streaming services? You may explain to me by leaving a comment below.

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