After changing API prices, Twitter Locks Its Developer Community Website

Twitter Locks Its Developer Community Website On Sunday, the Twitter developer forum was finally open to the public. But the company didn’t say anything to explain why the site was locked down with a login.

Twitter’s new API pricing was announced earlier today. The “low usage” basic tier will cost $100 a month. When developers went to the developer forum website to find out more about the new rules, they found that the site was now behind a login.

Twitter Community has been a place for developers to ask questions about Twitter APIs and get advice on how to make apps for the platform. The Twitter staff also responded to developers who posted bugs and problems to let them know what was going on with the company. It was also the place where Twitter made some announcements about developers.

Several developers told the company on Twitter that they couldn’t get to the site and asked for an update. Blog

It’s not clear if Twitter has locked down the developer forum or if that’s just a bug. Since last night, a lot of things on the platform have been going wrong, like people not being able to post tweets or get to replies or direct messages. This could also be because the company released an update that lets Twitter Blue users post tweets with up to 4,000 characters.

Elon Musk tweeted a few hours ago that the social network is having “many internal and external problems” that should be fixed by late U.S. hours.

At the time this was written, though, people were still having trouble getting into different parts of the service. We hope that Twitter will fix all of these problems soon.

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