Ashley Piercing: Significance, Process, and All You Need to Know

If you like getting piercings, Ashley’s piercing is for you. You may be familiar with a variety of lip piercing designs, and vertical labret is one of them. Yet, there is a hipper variation of this piercing called the Ashley piercing.

Ashley Piercing: What is she?

Ashley Piercing: Significance, Process, and All You Need to Know

One sort of genuine lip piercing is the Ashley piercing, which involves making a single puncture through the precise center of the lower lip and exiting through the rear into the mouth. With the Ashley piercing, an entry point is visible on the lip and an exit hole is inserted inside the mouth.

The official name for this kind of piercing is inverted vertical labret piercing. Ashley piercing is similar to labret vertical labret piercing. Just the front of the jewelry is visible to onlookers with Ashley piercing since the puncture is made inside the mouth. The rear of the piercing is hidden from view since it is within the mouth. you can learn more things on

A description of the Ashley Piercing Process

The first step in an Ashley piercing is to sanitize the tools and the area to be poked. You should seek out a qualified and experienced piercer for an Ashley piercing so that they can choose the right piercing site.

The placement of the piercing might alter how the lips move if it is not done correctly. The piercer marks the location with a surgical pen after determining the ideal entry and exit points. The lip is then secured with the use of a clamp before being punctured from outside to inside using 14G needles. The lip piercing is now finished.

Always ask your piercer to thoroughly sterilize the tools and about the aftercare guidelines to prevent more issues.

Ashley Piercing: How Much Does It Hurt?

One of the most uncomfortable lip piercings of all other body piercing varieties is the Ashley. The pain is rated at five out of ten on the pain scale. Those with a low pain threshold should not have this piercing.

The technique causes pain and discomfort because the needle makes touch some of the nerve endings. Even after the treatment is over, the lip continues to swell and hurt, which increases certain discomforts.

Ibuprofen is a common pain reliever that some individuals use to reduce discomfort rapidly. You should also consider the lovely results to lessen the agony.

What is the price of Ashley Piercings?

Ashley’s piercing is anticipated to cost between $30 and $85. The location of the store and the piercer also affect how much an Ashley piercing will cost.

As many nerves in the lips terminate there, the placement of the piercing is important in Ashley’s piercing. A misplaced Ashley piercing may harm the lips permanently and affect how they move. Always go for a qualified Ashley piercer that has expertise.

Ashley Piercing Jewelry Fashions

Ashley Piercing: Significance, Process, and All You Need to Know

Labret studs are the jewelry design most often selected for Ashley piercings. The flat disc at the rear of a labret stud limits the jewelry’s contact with your gums and teeth, which is the principal benefit of using one. The majority of Ashely’s piercings are either 14G or 16 G.

Since they let you display the gemstone in a cozy setting, bezel settings are seen to be the finest choice for these piercings.

You may choose bigger jewels as well. Labret studs with daintier ends are less obtrusive and provide a lovely look. Some individuals choose to wear a 14k gold ball together with eye-catching charms like diamonds, pearls, or opals.

What Kind of Jewelry Is Used for Ashley Piercings?

the stainless steel used in surgery

Stainless steel is one of the jewelry-making materials that are most often utilized. It is harmless ordinarily, however, nickel is a component that is known to lead to piercing infection.

Hence, stainless steel may be the finest jewelry material for you if you are certain that you do not have nickel piercings.


If you like wearing gold jewelry, choosing a metal with a 14-karat purity or above is crucial. Otherwise, the metal will be excessively brittle and might turn into a bacterial haven.


The safest jewelry material to choose if you are worried about allergic responses is titanium. This metal is nickel-free and won’t tarnish. As a result of its small weight, you won’t become upset.

Sterling silver only

Sterling silver is another choice for the greatest jewelry. Since it is not a pure metal and is too soft, your professional piercer may not first discuss the fact that it is a popular place for germs to grow.

Ashley Piercing’s Proven Healing and Aftercare Advice

Since Ashley’s piercing is in a special place, you need to be extra cautious while using your aftercare supplies. You should refrain from touching the new jewelry while your piercing is still healing. It is challenging to restrict touching the jewelry since the lip is the site of the piercing.

Be exceedingly cautious while wearing jewelry during the first several weeks after the piercing. Some of the hazards associated with piercings include jewelry rejection and touching your teeth on the jewelry.

The recommendations for aftercare and recovery for Ashley’s piercing are listed below.

Don’t mess with your jewelry.

Avoid messing with your jewelry since it is in the middle of your lip and might cause problems. Playing with jewelry before the wound has fully healed may cause hypertrophic scarring and pierced holes to stretch.

Avoid Wearing Tight Jewelry

Wearing tight jewelry puts the piercing in danger and might cause edema. You may upgrade to a bigger size if you feel your lip piercing jewelry is too small by talking to your professional piercer.

Consume soft food

Consume soft, chilled foods like yogurt and ice cream to aid with pain relief and swelling reduction. Moreover, consuming tough meals increases your chance of chewing through your piercing jewelry.

Hands Must Be Clean

To prevent infection, thoroughly wash your hands before handling the piercing.

Be Careful While Brushing Your Teeth and Use Soft Bristles Be cautious when cleaning your teeth and use soft bristles.

Don’t Wear Lipstick

Avoid applying lipstick or other cosmetics to the piercing area as this might cause infection.

Watch What You Eat

Even accidentally biting your jewelry might cause problems.

No embracing

When you’re recuperating, refrain from kissing.

Never Touch a Piercing

Avoid putting your hands or other extraneous items near the piercing.

Excellent Post-Care Techniques

Use premium aftercare sprays for the piercing for quick recovery.

The healing of Ashley’s piercing

Ashley piercings normally take 2-4 months to heal, but sometimes they may take up to 6 months. So before you quit the aftercare procedures, be sure to have a thoughtful conversation with your piercer.

In comparison to other facial piercings, the Ashley piercing may experience greater edema since it is on the lips. To reduce swelling, you will need to continue wearing the barbell for the first several weeks. Afterward, you may transition to a labret stud.

Ashley piercing is performed just in front of your teeth, therefore you must take special care to avoid biting down on the piercing jewelry.

It is simpler to bite on the first jewelry utilized in piercing. Throughout the first few weeks, until you’re adjusted to the piercing, it’s recommended to limit your diet to soft foods.

Cleaning Advice for the Piercing

Ashley Piercing: Significance, Process, and All You Need to Know

It is best to maintain a better cleaning regimen if you don’t want an infection on your lip. It’s important to clean both the inside and outside of the mouth before getting an Ashley piercing. Here are a few cleaning suggestions for your piercing.

Use a saline solution to clean the piercing’s external area. Mix one teaspoon of salt with one liter of warm distilled water to make the solution. Make the solution, then use the cotton ball to absorb it and clean the piercing area. Use this remedy two to three times each day.
Rinse your mouth twice daily, preferably before night, to clean the inside of the piercing.
Employ antibacterial soap or cleaner once or twice daily. However, keep in mind not to go beyond a minute.

Associated Hazards of Ashley’s Piercing

You should be informed of the dangers involved with getting an Ashley piercing if you are considering getting one. The Ashley piercing has a variety of dangers because of its unusual position. Now, if you’re contemplating Here are some concerns associated with getting an Ashley piercing if you are wondering why you shouldn’t.

There is a potential that the infection in the piercing may produce yellow pus.
Avoid wearing certain metals in the piercing if you have an allergy to them.
Gum erosion may result from an Ashely piercing. swelling or trembling of the teeth
If you choose to wear bigger labret studs or jewelry, it may cause the skin to enlarge and produce a scar.
Use surgical steel labrets if your body tends to reject other types of metal.

How Can I Replace My Ashley Piercing?

You should always decrease your Ashley piercing as soon as you can. It’s time to change into a proper fit now that you’ve given the body ample time to recuperate.

To reduce the possibility of swelling, you might start by switching to a longer labret bar. After you’ve recovered, you may switch to a short-fit stud for optimal comfort and to minimize enamel weakening or tooth erosion.

With a piercer’s assistance, you may effectively decrease your piercing jewelry so that you can later alter it yourself.

Just unscrew the top of the gem and replace it with the new one. The permanent piece of jewelry that the piercer put in does not need to be taken out by the wearer.

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