Asus Rog fx503 gaming laptop Review 2023

Introduction Asus Rog fx503 gaming laptop Review 2023

More about the Asus rog fx503, a mid-range, reasonably priced gaming laptop with excellent features. If you have the right instructions, it’s simple to use features like its blazing-fast Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card.

With the aid of our evaluation of the Asus rog fx503, we can assist you in making that decision by giving you all the details you want.

What is the Asus Rog FX503?


It is the newest model in the line-up of Asus gaming laptops. This laptop is intended to give outstanding performance owing to its strong technology and stylish design. It boasts a 15.6-inch Full HD display, a GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, 16GB of Memory, and an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H CPU.

The laptop also has several cooling systems, configurable RGB illumination, and a solid-state drive with plenty of storage capacity. No matter the game, you can anticipate fluid and responsive gameplay with this potent mix.

You’ll have a capable gaming laptop with it that can handle any task you throw at it.

It will keep up with you all day long, regardless of how intense your game is or how long your battery lasts. The Asus fx503 is the perfect computer if you want one that can manage both work and pleasure. It has a stunning 15.6-inch Full HD display in addition to having Windows 10 Pro’s strength and accuracy (64bit).

What Justifies Purchasing This MacBook?

This laptop is very powerful and provides outstanding performance for a low cost. It delivers some significant gaming power thanks to its GTX 1050 Ti GPU and 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU. A 15.6-inch Full HD display and a sleek design complete its immersive gaming experience. However, this laptop stands out from the competitors thanks to its outstanding cooling system. Even during lengthy gaming sessions, it will stay cool thanks to its twin fans and three heat pipes.

Many communication choices are also included, including two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and one mini DisplayPort connector. Moreover, it has an SD card reader for simple file transfers. There is also Bluetooth 4.1 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi for individuals who wish to access the internet wirelessly.

Overall, it is a great option for budget-conscious players. For a reasonable cost, it provides dependable performance and a tonne of features. It is a great option if you’re searching for a laptop for streaming video, general computing, or gaming. Also, the keyboard has red illumination, which looks wonderful while typing until the wee hours of the morning.

It may not be your best option if you don’t need all the additional bells and whistles but still need a dependable gadget for business or school. It lacks a DVD drive, so if you’re accustomed to burning DVDs and CDs on your laptop, this may not be the best option for you. Also, you’ll discover that there is only 256GB of storage space accessible (roughly 100 GB are taken up by Windows 10).

How much does a MacBook Asus rog fx503 cost?

Asus Rog fx503 This laptop provides an exceptional combination of power, performance, and cost, making it a desirable choice for both experienced PC gamers and those just starting.

The configuration and specifications you choose will affect the cost of a MacBook Asus rog fx503. Basic versions start at $799.99, while top-tier ones cost more than $2,000 on average. Your choice of display resolution, storage capacity, RAM, and other characteristics will affect the final price of your laptop.

You may also need to buy extra equipment like gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets on top of the laptop’s basic price. When calculating the total cost of your MacBook Asus rog fx503, it’s important to take these additional expenses into account.

Details of the Design

It is a strong gaming laptop with a sophisticated appearance. It boasts a slick black finish on the lid and an intimidating, gunmetal grey chassis with red accents. The top of the laptop is embellished with the familiar red and black ASUS emblems, and the corners are sharply slanted to give it a contemporary appearance.

The 15.6-inch display is encircled by thin bezels that provide a compromise between mobility and screen size. With two discrete buttons underneath it for easier navigation, the touchpad is roomy and sensitive.

Also, it features several slots and connectors, including an Ethernet port, three USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C port, and HDMI output. Moreover, a USB-C connector for quick charging is included for compatible devices.

Overall, the Asus rog fx503 has a sleek and appealing appearance. The laptop is great for gaming on the road since it is portable and light enough to fit into most bags and backpacks. It’s a great option for gamers who want to make a statement because of its robust build and configurable RGB lights.

Rog fx503 keyboard and trackpad from Asus

It is among the greatest laptops available for gaming. Having a full-size keyboard on it makes typing and playing games comfortably. The ergonomic 0.25mm keycap curve and 1.8mm key travel distance make typing simple and improve tactile sensation. It aids in rapid and simple navigation inside any game thanks to its included highlighted WASD keys.

It also has an excellent trackpad. Its anti-dust layer prevents dust from getting into the trackpad and impairing its functionality. It also supports Windows Precision Touchpad technology, offering fast and effortless multi-touch gesture control. Hence, with only a few finger touches, you may zoom, rotate, switch between programs, and navigate across web pages.

The dedicated left-click and right-click keys on your laptop also make it easier to navigate and choose stuff. a new…… a. You may send data at up to 3 Mbps with this device when connected wirelessly through Bluetooth. High-speed connections may be made using built-in dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi without sacrificing signal quality or reliability while yet using little power.

Two substantial side vents house the speakers, providing the user with a crisper sound output free from interference from other parts within the system’s chassis. They provide well-balanced mids and enough bass to give your games and music depth without being overpowering or tinny.

Computer screen

A 15.6 FHD (1920 x 1080) 120Hz IPS-level display with a 3ms reaction time and a 72% NTSC color gamut is included in the device. Its panel’s vibrant images and superb viewing angles make it the best choice for entertainment and gaming needs.

Rog fx503 by Asus

If you’re searching for a workstation-class laptop with an ergonomic keyboard, strong performance, and long battery life. Also, it has a sturdy chassis and is still fairly priced, so look no further than that, which is something we strongly advise. There might be no specialized graphics card in it.

Nevertheless, this laptop lacks the additional cooling capacity required to handle such demanding workloads and is too weak if you want a powerful discrete graphics card. But, if your only intention is to use it as a general productivity tool and the occasional gamer without any additional demanding requirements, it will be more than enough for you.


It has a potent 8GB RAM, allowing for fluid gaming and excellent multitasking. Users may increase to 16GB of RAM using the device’s expandable memory features, allowing them to engage in even more intense gaming sessions and do even trickier jobs.

A 256GB SSD is also included in the Asus rog fx503, which facilitates speedier boot-ups and loading times. The Asus rog fx503 is a fantastic laptop for demanding work and gaming thanks to the amazing 8GB of RAM. Four USB connections are provided, making it simple to attach devices and external hard drives without having to go behind your laptop.

The USB 3.1 Type C connector allows users to transmit data up to 5 Gbps between other devices. for those seeking a different display choice. Users may stream entertainment or collaborate by connecting their laptops to a television or another display using the HDMI connector.

a battery’s life

The Asus rog fx503 laptop does not fall short in terms of battery life. The Asus rog fx503 has a powerful battery with a 48 Whrs battery and a 45 W power adaptor. It has a maximum playing time of 5 hours for videos and an 8-hour browsing time.

This makes it perfect for anyone who needs to be productive while on the road, such as students, businesspeople, and gamers. The battery life of the Asus rog fx503 is additionally bolstered by its fanless design, which helps save power and extends the laptop’s battery life even further. To keep the design streamlined, aesthetic touches like the red accent strip surrounding the keyboard are subtly placed.

The Asus rog fx503 is the only gaming laptop you need if you want one that is affordable and powerful enough to suit all of your demands. From writing notes during protracted lectures to smoothly broadcasting live matches on Twitch in 4K quality. This gaming device is great.


The Asus rog fx503 is powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU from the 8th generation. The CPU can execute several applications concurrently with ease, guaranteeing seamless and effective multitasking. The Asus rog fx503 has effective turbo boost technology that enables it to raise processing performance as required. Users benefit from a rapid and effective computer experience thanks to it.

Rog fx503 by Asus

Additionally, the Asus rog fx503 also boasts an excellent cooling system that helps to keep the laptop operating peacefully and quietly, allowing for continuous gaming or working experience. As the keyboard has backlighting, using it in dim light is not a problem. Also, the Asus rog fx503 comes with the 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home, giving you access to all of Microsoft’s most recent software and security updates.


Considering its size and capabilities, the Asus rog fx503 is remarkably light. It is a great alternative for folks who require a powerful laptop that they can simply take along since it only weighs 2.3kg. The Asus rog fx503’s lightweight design makes it easy to use, making it ideal for all-day computing. The laptop is a perfect companion for both professionals and gamers thanks to its low weight and small design.

It makes sure you receive all the power you need without sacrificing portability thanks to a thin design and lightweight. Whether you wish to focus on your next project or enjoy games. You can remain productive anywhere with it.

It has a lot of power and performance and is very lightweight. It can effortlessly tackle whatever work you throw at it since it has a 1TB hard disc and 16GB of Memory. It is one of the top laptops for gaming, video editing, and other uses thanks to its sophisticated design and strong technology.

Sound Performance

It is well known for having superb sound quality. Moreover, it has a dedicated subwoofer and two high-fidelity speakers. Even the most discerning audiophiles will be pleased by the deep and detailed music experiences it enables.

You can rely on it to provide you with excellent sound quality at a reasonable cost. Also, it has a sophisticated but practical design. From the RGB lighting across keyboards and displays to the red backlit keyboard targeted toward gamers. This laptop has all the features a gaming computer should have.

Touch Excellence

The Asus rog’s touch sensitivity is very good. The laptop’s 15.6-inch Full HD display delivers a fluid, snappy multi-touch experience. The glass display gives the touch a more accurate and precise sensation. Even in strong light, the screen is simple to see because of its anti-glare coating. Making it an ideal alternative for gamers and multimedia consumers.

,s and the ta, an ass and and and ts. Moreover, the touchpad offers precise gesture controls. Hence, with a few short strokes, you can quickly explore the system or zoom in on photographs. Overall, the Asus fx503’s haptic feel is one of its strong qualities and gives consumers a satisfying experience.

Costs and Benefits

Asus Rog fx503


  • It is a robust gaming laptop with a variety of features that provide an engaging gaming experience.
  • The laptop’s potent 8th-generation Intel CPU and cutting-edge NVIDIA graphics card provide exceptional performance.


  • On the other hand, given that it only has a five-hour battery life with light use, some users may find the Asus rog fx503’s battery life to be a little on the short side.
  • The laptop’s design makes it less than ideal for mobility since it is fairly hefty.
  • Particularly when compared to comparable laptops in its price range, the laptop’s pricing is relatively high.


In summary, it is a superb gaming laptop with exceptional performance at a fair price. The laptop has a sophisticated appearance, strong hardware, and plenty of entertainment-related capabilities.

It has a great battery life and operates quickly and smoothly. In general, it’s a fantastic option for gamers searching for a powerful, inexpensive laptop.

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