Did Sabo Kill Cobra? Analyzing The Most Terrifying Truth Of One Piece

Did Sabo Kill Cobra

One Piece’s Wano Kuni arc is about to end, and the straw hats are getting ready to leave the Island after a feast, but the world seems to be in chaos right now. Our heroes may not know what’s going on outside, but in the land of gods, the uprising is the start of trouble, and it looks like the war that Oda has been talking about for a long time has begun.

So, before we go any further, we want to make sure you know that this article has a lot of spoilers for the latest One Piece manga. If you try to avoid manga spoilers, you should not read this article. So, now that you’ve decided, let’s talk more about the situation.

Just before the Wano Kuni arc, in the Reverie arc, we saw a lot of things in One Piece that we still don’t know much about. One of those things was how Reverie and Luffy met. The invasion of Sabo in the Holyland of Marie Jois to save Kuma from celestial dragons was one of the most important things we saw. There, Sabo saw that the so-called Gods were hurting the Kuma. He was filled with anger, but just in time, other members of the revolutionary army arrived and stopped Sabo from making things even worse.

But in the end, Morgan wrote about someone’s death in Marie Jois, which shocked the whole world. Everyone thought that Sabo had died, and the leader of the Revolutionary army, Dragon, was so sad that he was sweating. So, what did happen? We now know the answer, thank goodness.

In Marie Jois, what happened to Sabo? What’s Really Going On

To find the answer, we have to go back to chapter 1054, which is called “Entei.” We found out the whole truth about what was written in the newspaper in this chapter. “Sabo Killed the King of Albasta, Cobra,” said the headline in the newspaper. People all over the world were shocked by this headline, and sabo was called the Flame Emperor.

We’ll talk more about this later in this article. For now, though, let’s talk about Sabo. He saved Kuma from the rule of the Celestial Dragons, and we saw him on an unknown island. It was also said that Fujitora and Ryokugyu tried to stop them, but they couldn’t because they were on the Marie Jois and couldn’t use their power. Even the fleet admiral Akainu doesn’t seem to know what happened when he met with Reverie, so he sent a new character, Black Horse (Tensei), to find out what happened.

Now, let’s talk about how Cobra died. How did he die? Who did him in? Did Sabo Kill him? We have a lot of questions, so let’s figure out what’s going on.

Did Sabo Kill Cobra?

We know that Luffy made Cobra the king of Albasta, and we also know that Cobra was a good leader who took care of his people. So, how was Sabo going to kill Cobra? Killing Cobra also helps neither Sabo nor the Revolutionaries, so it is clear that Sabo is not the one who kills Cobra.

So, after looking at all of the facts, we can say two things. The first is that Cobra’s death has something to do with Imu Sama because we saw him with a picture of several pirates, including Vivi, and Vivi is also missing. This makes it likely that Imu is behind Cobra’s death. BUT;

Imu Sama targetting Vivi

Since Vivi has gone missing, there is also a chance that she is safe with Sabo. So, who, if not Imu? We think that the world government set up Sabo’s murder to make him look like a devil to the rest of the world. However, they got a taste of their own medicine when the rest of the world worshipped him instead. Sabo is named emperor of the flames. Now that the sparks have been lit, we are almost certain to have a terrible war that will involve both the past and the future.

Where Can I Read Manga About One Piece?

Since the pirates’ era is changing and each chapter reveals something new, you’ll definitely want to read the manga. To legally read all the chapters, you can use the Shonen Jump app or the Viz website, where you can read all the newest chapters for free. To read all the older chapters, you’ll need a membership, which isn’t too expensive.


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