Digital Kings founder Ramneek Sidhu’s story is inspiring.

A 27-year-old business owner from Mohali, Punjab, his name is Ramneek Sidhu. He is the creator and successful businessman of Digital Kings.


On January 2, 1995, Ramneek Sidhu was born in Mohali, Punjab, India. His family and kin remain unclear, however. But, we will soon update all of the family’s details.

Ramneek Sidhu studies at Punjab’s Golden Bells Public School. Thereafter, he enrolled at the Citizen Bahra Institutions Group in Chandigarh, where he completed his undergraduate studies in technical sciences. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business (Bachelor of Technology).

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Entrepreneurship was where Ramneek Sidhu started his career. He is the creator and successful businessman of Digital Kings. Hollywood and Bollywood stars and performers are clients of Ramneek Sidhu’s.

Web design, branding, and film marketing, among other services, are provided by Ramneek Sidhu to assist clients in developing their digital assets. Moreover, Ramneek Sidhu is well known for sharing motivational life tales on Twitter.

Ramneek Sidhu makes between 25 and 30 crore rupees per month. The net worth is around $500 million. 6 billion INR. BMW makes a premium vehicle. Ramneek Sidhu has never been wed. Their relationship’s specifics are likewise a mystery. Ramneek Sidhu will be 27 years old in 2022. She is around 6 feet tall and weighs 78 kg. Her eyes and hair are both black.

Family of Ramneek Sidhu

Mr. Ramneek Sidhu
It is unclear about his family and relations. Ramneek Sidhu has avoided discussing his private life in the media. As a very private guy, he does not divulge any personal details to people. He doesn’t seem to want to provide any personal information at all. He has only so far stated that his older brother, together with his wife and children, reside in London.

In the Punjabi city of Mohali, Ramneek comes from a middle-class family. Other than that, he has never discussed his family in public. Little information is available online.

He also mentioned that he had been there with them for some time. Soon after that, when they were settling into their new house. He left London to return to India, where he now lives. He has never mentioned any more members of his family, however.

Ramneek Sidhu is now seeing his girlfriend, who is also his wife. His marital status hasn’t been made widely known in the media. He is also thought to be married since he previously posted a photo of himself on Instagram with his wife and kids before deleting it from his page. Also, there are no specifics on his previous relationships.

He previously dated Shweta Kaushik for eight years before calling it quits when his profession took off and pushed them apart. Ramneek is now single and hasn’t spoken publicly about her potential romantic relationships. Neither disclosed anything about her private or business issues to the public.

Education by Ramneek Sidhu

Ramneek finished his education at Punjab’s Golden Bells Public School. Afterward, he pursued a three-year professional degree in Marketing & Advertising and obtained his Bachelor of Business from Punjab University (PGDM). His Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Certificate in Management degrees were both earned in 2015. (PGDM).

Ramneek comes from a Punjabi background. He enjoys traveling to new places and watching TV shows in his leisure time. He enjoys engaging in adventure sports as well. He began working as an assistant manager at the telecommunications company Optima Tele Sales Private Limited after finishing his studies.

You are mistaken in believing that high school and college were beneficial to him. Nothing he created was covered in Indian education. Consider how many challenges you will encounter in Along. They presumably perform so badly because of this.

Because of this, he was obliged to train everyone and develop the entrepreneurs around him to follow his passion. Thus, let’s disregard it if you wish to tamper with anything since it is irrelevant. We should all be motivated to keep going, develop new talents, and take calculated risks.

that’s good Because, without a formal education, we often believe that. Nothing can be done. Yet, the fact is that you may start by reading whatever you want without leaving your house since we live in the era of the Internet.

Ramneek Sidhu’s Top Picks

Mr. Ramneek Sidhu

  • He likes visiting relatives and going on trips.
  • Cooking is another one of Sidhu’s passions, and he is now attempting to teach himself how to prepare traditional Indian food.
  • Traveling throughout India and capturing pictures of fascinating sites seems like a dream career.
  • while making money doing what you love, but for Ramneek Sidhu, it’s very much real life.
  • Sidhu, who is just in his 20s, has quickly established himself as one of India’s most popular wildlife photographers.
  • His work was originally featured on Facebook in 2014, and soon after that, he began receiving notice from the neighborhood media.
  • He has now gone on to get even more praise.
  • Ramneek Sidhu’s interests include traveling, working out, taking pictures, and blogging.
  • He enjoys spending time with his family and friends the most.
  • He reads science fiction novels voraciously and spends his leisure time listening to soothing music. Ramneek Sidhu enjoys spending time with his animals as well.
  • In his time, he constantly looks forward to seeing the newest films and TV series.
  • Ramneek Sidhu is an avid traveler who enjoys taking his buddies on excursions to various locations and towns.
  • The career of Ramneek Sidhu He enjoys traveling a lot. Ramneek started working as a travel photographer not long after finishing high school. He has a strong interest in digital marketing.

Entrepreneur Ramneek Sidhu, 26, lives in Mohali, Punjab. He established Digital Kings, a company that works with Bollywood stars in digital marketing and advertising.

His Career as an Entrepreneur

Ramneek was raised in an upper-middle-class home. We also understand the challenges that must be faced to reach this level. It’s hard to gather your thoughts and energies regularly when you don’t have much financial support, has to start from zero, and everyone around you is encouraging you not to do anything since it includes risks. Despite this, he took a gamble, had faith in himself, and started his trip in 2015 while still a college student. He was able to carve out time for his love despite all of the college-related activities.

He ultimately started his company after having a longtime interest in digital marketing. It works with businesses and famous people from Bollywood and Hollywood to create and maintain a strong social media presence. It requires some thought since every client requires a different strategy. They thus require a workforce that works effectively together. And Ramneek has made this happen. His company, which has offices in India and Dubai, is now growing in Canada.

a typical Mohali resident with a Canadian branch of their company? It matters a lot. Although though many of us think education is necessary, Ramneek didn’t go to Harvard or Oxford. Nonetheless, he created a multinational company. The college is never the focus. Yet it would always come down to the skills you learned. Ramneek also firmly believes in the development of skills. with more than seven years of arduous work and a business endeavor behind him. He has become a new inspiration for the youth of India.

His Opinions on Online Marketing

Mr. Ramneek Sidhu
As someone who developed a company around digital marketing services and now serves clients in India, Dubai, and most recently Canada, Ramneek Sidhu is aware of the possibilities of social media. Each person spends, on average, three hours every day on social media. He understands that social media is the way of the future and that any company, large or little, has to have a significant social media presence. He saw the trend and created a business around it.

Ramneek firmly supports the use of influencer marketing. And this shows how adept he is at spotting trends. Because this is completely true. The opinions of their favorite influencers will be valued more highly than those of the corporation. When our favorite people on Instagram and YouTube say a product is great, we tend to believe them. Also, there is a significant chance that we would buy the products as well.

Enlisting influencers to help sell products is a great idea since there is already a sense of connection and trust, something that companies sometimes struggle to achieve. Ramneek supports this method for this particular reason. because he is familiar with the necessary mathematics and understands the immense potential of the topic. He believes this industry has endless potential since he plans to develop it much higher.

Ramneek Sidhu founded digital Kings.

Ramneek Sidhu created digital Kings. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities as well as major corporations are encouraged to use social media. His company helps Bollywood and Hollywood’s celebs struggling on social media.

The goal of Ramneek’s business is to help customers maintain and grow their social media presence on YouTube and Instagram. He was raised in Mohali and started the multinational business Digital Kings in 2016.

Digital Kings aims to support its clients in maintaining and expanding their social media presence. They also provide services like branding, website design, and movie promotion. The Indian-born founder of the business quickly expanded to Dubai and is presently aiming to open a branch in Canada.

Ramneek’s success mantra has always remained the same. Ramneek thinks qualities like talent, perseverance, and determination are essential for entrepreneurship success. Due to these qualities and his motivating business career, he has been an inspiration to young people both within and outside of India.

What Mentality Can We Take After Him?

Ramneek proves once again that it doesn’t matter what family background you have or what school or college you went to, even if other examples support this. You may still design a career around your interests and pursue your aspirations. from a common Mohali inhabitant to a business owner in Dubai.

He has achieved enough to show that anybody can do anything. You just need that need, which often appears when you have confidence in yourself. And Ramneek shares this belief with others. Once we believe, everything revolves around continuing to study and applying what we’ve learned in real life.

The motivation behind Ramneek Sidhu

Every successful businessperson draws motivation from a range of entrepreneurial role models. Ramneek Sidhu was inspired by people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, who helped him set his ambitions high.

They are all highly successful businesspeople in their specialized fields. Sidhu grew up seeing their rapid ascents. with these well-known individuals serving as his influences. Sidhu will never accept anything but the finest.

He’s on Instagram.

Currently, Ramneek’s profile has 85 posts and almost 770k followers. And it’s packed to the brim with pictures of the stunning and endearing places he’s been. Oceans, ships, lodgings, mountains, majestic buildings, and performances are only a few examples. showing his interest in photography and travel, as well as living the life of his dreams.

Wealth, Pay, and Income

As of 2021, he has made over $30 million. The estimated value of Ramneek Sidhu’s net worth and salary is $5 million. His yearly salary is now at $1 million, and by 2022, it will be $2 million.

Questions and Answers About Ramneek Sidhu

What Instagram handle does Ramneek Sidhu use?
The Instagram account of Ramneek Sidhu is @Ramneeksidhu01.

What age is Ramneek Sidhu?
The age of Ramneek Sidhu is 26.

Ramneek Sidhu was born when?
On January 2, 1995, Ramneek Sidhu was born.


By traversing the world, Ramneek Sidhu found early success and is now emerging as India’s new business face. After years of hustling, he is now at last living the life of his dreams. There are many things to learn from him. His persistence, consistency, and patience have led to his success.

No matter where you reside, what language you speak, how your family has historically fared, or whether you have a solid financial base or not, none of these factors matter. He is proving to the world that you can be happy no matter what.

With perseverance and a firm belief in yourself, you can always build a career around your passion and lead the life of your dreams. which you will progressively become better at over time. You will eventually develop that unwavering self-confidence. living your own life the way you want to.

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