Download Images, Videos, and Highlights from Instagram Stories by Imginn

Download Images, Videos, and Highlights from Instagram Stories by Imginn

Imagine is a free online platform where you may save your Instagram stories. Learn here how to quickly and simply download Instagram stories, images, and videos.


Imginn is a brand-new service that makes it simple to download Instagram stories highlights, images, and videos. so that you may maintain your organization utilizing the hard disk of your computer or phone and your folder-based organizing technique. Here’s how to quickly and efficiently download Instagram stories highlights, pictures, and videos.

Instagram gives you a variety of sharing options for your images and videos, whether you want to share them with close friends or the whole globe. But, the platform may not always provide you with all the resources you want to maintain the level of organization you like for those photographs and videos.

Describe Imginn.


Imginn is a website where you may keep your Instagram stories for free. It allows you to download Instagram videos and photographs, which is different from other programs. Since Imginn allows you to view stories anytime you want, don’t worry if you forget to download one before it disappears. Also, the website offers a means for those who do not use Instagram to watch stories on their laptop or mobile device and store them for later without having an account on either social networking platform. Just enter a username or a list of hashtags into Imginn’s search box to get started.

If you’ve established multiple Instagram accounts, Imginn’s liked feature will link to each of your accounts and make it simple for you to access all of your stories. You don’t need to create an account for yourself, but as long as you have that person’s working email address, it doesn’t matter who downloads them. With the help of this special function, anybody may utilize their user-friendly service even if they don’t own an Instagram account.

Establishing an Account on Imginn in a Few Easy Steps

Everything You Need To Learn About Imginn


Step 1: Register for an account

You must register for an account on imaging before using it. You may quickly download the highlights from Instagram stories after a brief registration procedure! To create your account, you don’t need any specialized expertise or abilities. Provide your email address first. It is not required that it be a business email address. Create a password with at least eight characters, one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one number one symbol if you want to protect your identity. After finishing, confirm your account by supplying a cell phone number and a name that is clear and simple for others who want to download information from your website.

Step 2: Sign in to your account:

Click Login and enter the username and password you choose during registration to access your new Imginn account. If your Login doesn’t work the first time, erase your browser’s cookies and try again. And keep in mind that once you sign in to our site on a mobile or tablet device, all subsequent logins will happen automatically without requiring you to go through another registration procedure. It increases the convenience of utilizing our service even more!

 Step 3: is to find your video.

One of our favorites for downloading private Instagram stories on iOS and Android devices is Imginn! You need a device having a version of IG downloaded on it to utilize it since it can’t yet be used via web browsers. That is necessary because Imginn needs access to the storage on your phone to download video files. You need to install an app (there are plenty of free applications like Spoilers Browser & Story Explorer), and downloading movies via them works just fine whether you want to see your story highlights on a desktop or laptop computer right now or in the future.

 Step 4: Preview and download the video

You should test your stellar description after writing it to make sure it’s flawless. If you make spelling or grammatical problems, don’t be concerned. When your post has been approved, you may modify them! Then, go to Settings > Preview Posts on your Tumblr dashboard (you may use these instructions if you need assistance doing so). You should choose Tags when sharing a link on Tumblr since any posts with those tags will immediately be previewed in my Dashboard before they go live on Tumblr. After you are finished, click Save Changes. When someone publishes your work, it will now appear as a draft on your Dashboard so that you may update it before sharing it publicly, thanks to this option.

 Step 5: is to email a video.

The steps below may be used to email videos: On your smartphone, choose the camera icon. See the video Decide on the video’s duration. Select share options Using Facebook provide the URL of your Facebook profile (without opening) Transmit it! To send by email, confirm. You’ve submitted a video. Using Twitter provide the URL of your Twitter profile (without space). Choose how long you want the display to last. They’ll all be grouped on Twitter. Provide a link to your WhatsApp profile on the messaging app. Keep it! Launch WhatsApp. Mail it! Here are some pointers for delivering videos over the internet without first downloading them.

How can I save a whole tale using Imginn? logo

Since they can only store Instagram stories in segments, many users struggle to save the tales of their favorite content producers. Many users find it challenging to stay up to date with their favorite accounts since there are no direct links to store the whole content. They don’t always follow them, and they don’t get alerts when they post new stories.

Even if you hadn’t yet added them to your collection, we would nonetheless gather everything from the top posts on your Instagram timeline! By doing this, we make sure that no update is missed.

How does Imginn function?

You may view various stories from several social media networks on this platform, including Facebook, Snapchat, and—most significantly—Instagram. You may bookmark any image or video you find interesting while browsing our website. It makes no difference whether it comes from a celebrity you follow or from friends who are just sharing their life with everyone. For your viewing convenience, it’s everything in one location. We provide full-screen photographs in high-resolution and condensed video clips.

You won’t even need to wait to see how someone else finishes viewing anything since it will already be stored on Imginn, allowing you to see certain segments of larger films whenever it’s most convenient for you. You won’t need to download anything since everything will already be available online, but if you want to be sure you never miss a story again, we suggest installing our mobile app.

How to get photos from comments without hashtags



When you locate an Instagram photo you’d want to save to your phone, touch it to see it in full-screen mode first. To view more of your screen, swipe up from the bottom. It’s simpler to push down on the image itself to have it start moving at the top corner rather than in the center of the screen. If you’re browsing articles with many photographs, there should be a little download button next to each image. The image will display in a box at the bottom left of your screen.

Click Next or Previous under Stories to return to your feed after they are all saved. After that, hit Edit once on each downloaded picture. There are three choices available: delete, examine the original, or store it indefinitely. Before you do anything else, make sure to choose Save Picture.

Customizing hashtags

Those who want to share links using a personalized hashtag must also think about what could happen if they switch platforms. Although hashtags are created by users and aren’t necessarily permanent components of your online identity, links are tied directly to your Twitter account.

Even worse, some platforms prevent users from rapidly moving hashtags between them. As a consequence, some users can start referencing new hashtags while still using an existing one, which would cause others to completely cease following that hashtag. Consider coming up with a memorable term before generating a new hashtag for usage across many platforms. Having distinctive branding may assist maintain durability even after platform changes.

Keeping your profile picture safe

Making ensuring your profile picture is secure before going live is important for developing your image on social media. Be sure to save both the original image file and the high-quality version of your profile picture so you may share it later. For convenient access at any time, save these files to your computer or add them to a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

You’ll have a backup file with this method in case anything happens to your original profile picture. Additionally, keep in mind that rather than from inside a post, a link to download all the images in an album will show up when reading a person’s Instagram page from their profile page, so be sure to check there too.

More applications for Imginn

Rather than only collecting highlights, pictures, and videos from Instagram stories online, Imginn has been utilized for several other things. Because it is an app that allows you to download information from social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter, among others, including YouTube, it has a broad variety of functions. It goes without saying that because numerous applications perform comparable functions, it’s crucial to avoid overloading them with data.

Yet, they offer these applications for their app as potential ones on their website. Use our Download Instagram stories highlight button to preserve all of your media before it changes again, for instance, if you want to check who saw your profile picture on Twitter or modified your privacy settings on Instagram. And a lot more.

How to Download IG Videos?

Imginn 1024x571 1

Whether you want to download one image or 10 videos, we’ve got you covered. We rapidly search through your Instagram feed for you and download everything you want. All of this material is immediately saved on our servers so that you may use it any way you want anytime you want.

There is no limit since our servers have a total storage capacity of 40 petabytes or 40 million gigabytes, so there is almost no limit to the amount of data we can store for you. The only premium features are those that don’t cost anything; everything on Imginn is and always will be free.

How does Imginn work on an iPhone?

It’s simple to utilize Imginn by entering your account via their website, selecting any image you want to look at (or searching for a certain hashtag or username), and clicking Highlight. After that, you will get a URL that will allow you to quickly download an archive of all the photographs in that photo album to your computer without having to wait for Dropbox or anything similar.

If that’s what you’re searching for, you can also browse through their list of video highlights. Again, just choose what you want, click Download, and then decide whether you want the file stored as a zip file or downloaded straight to your device.

How can I use it on a smartphone running Android?

Imginn is a cloud-based internet downloader, thus you may use it without any problems on an Android smartphone. For the Imginn app to view your photographs straight from the Instagram server, first sign in to your account using your Google or

Facebook ID.

The names of the individuals whose images you wish to download will then show as results below the search bar as soon as you begin entering their names into the main screen’s search box.


Anybody who uses Instagram as a marketing tool has to use Imginn. You can customize every campaign and provide engaging material to your followers by having access to real-time consumer data. Also, you’ll have enough content to drive future development as you’ll have access to high-quality video from the daily millions of uploads.

Also, Imginn makes it simple to download all of your customers’ tales into one side, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your company rather than playing catch-up on social media. There is no excuse not to employ Imginn’s dependable platform and speedy performance in your marketing campaign right now.

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