Murmurs that sound off 5e, You utter a discordant melody, which only one creature of your choice within hearing range can hear, and which causes the victim severe agony. The target must employ Wisdom to protect themself. If it fails the save, it takes 3d6 mental damage. If it reacts, it must utilize it as soon as possible to go as far away from you as its pace will allow. The creature avoids situations that might be dangerous, such as pits and flames. Every time, a monster with hearing loss succeeds in saving the day.

Does a creature that is immune to fear to react to strange whispers?

The monsters have the option to go, despite the appearance that they are not compelled to. Monsters can therefore choose to run away by utilizing their response. You could put your comrades in jeopardy. You may, however, be familiar with Dissonant Whispers among these. They can use it to get away from you, and if you’re standing in the proper spot, you can block their route or help someone get away more faster.

What effects does the Dissonant Whispers spell have on animals in D&D 5e?

Except in cases when the particular monster is already deaf or has been rendered deaf by magic or influence, the spell affects the monster by inflicting psychological agony and pushing the creature to move on a failing escape throw. The caster whispers energy rather than actual words, as the spell explicitly states. It has a melody. Language is not a factor in music.

Are dissonant whispers a good thing?

Dissonant whispers are fantastic since all they require is a vocal cast. Additionally, since it’s an action, you may carry it out anytime you choose. It hurts individuals. The enemy is worried, and there is a possibility for opportunistic attacks. According to some, Dissonant Whispers is one of the finest moves in the games. The effects of this 5e dnd spell are illustrated in the Player’s Handbook. It accomplishes this by affecting your reaction, which leads you to be distracted from the desire and allows you to make an opportune attack.

Do dissonant whispers in 5E have any effect on a monster immune to fear?

Dissonant whispers 5e have no relevance to the scary condition, hence resistance to it is irrelevant. A DM may determine it wouldn’t work on a monster as a matter of discretion. None, however, suggests that the principles of the spell’s use should be affected by resistance to the scary condition.


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Q1: Does ominous muttering provide an opportunity for attack?

Ans: Unharmonious whispers may spread and take advantage of your reaction to launch improbable assaults (PH, 195).

Q2: How long do dissonant whispers last?

Ans: When a dissonant whisper is heard, the monster uses its reaction to move a distance equal to its speed away. This does not affect the monster’s mobility in later turns.


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