Complete Detail How To Use Telephone 2023

Many houses and companies still utilize landlines, even though most people use cell phones. This article will introduce you to landline phones if you’ve never used one or need a refresher.

How to Use Telephone

  • Dial the number you want to reach.
  • Use the button to turn off the sound.
  • To talk, put your finger on the mute button. Keep your finger over the button, though.
  • Speak
  • Press the “Mute” button when you’re done talking, and then put your finger back on the keyboard.
  • If the call is still going on, move on to step 3.
  • Hang up when the call is over

Best Tips: How to Use Telephone

  • Don’t use softphones. They are terrible and can make everyone on the call hear an echo or noise.
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone. They are terrible and can make everyone on the call hear an echo or noise.
  • Use headphones. You might not like speakerphones as much as you think you do. If you have to use a speakerphone, you should be extra careful with the mute button.
  • When you can, use a landline or a good VoIP phone. Always use the mute button when you don’t want to talk.
  • You can turn off all sound on your phone with the *6 feature, even if it doesn’t work very well.
  • Keep track of whether or not you are muted. It’s not hard to do. You can turn it on or off. Don’t let anyone know that you forgot if you were muted or not. Follow these steps to find out if you have been muted or not.
  • There is no mute on the hold. Don’t use the hold button on your phone when you are on a conference call. During the conference, your phone may play music or beep, making it inaccessible until you get back.

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What Should Determine If You’re Muted

  • If you can’t talk right now, it’s because your microphone is muted. See step 3 in How to Use a Phone for more information.
  • There is no next thing to do. If you make a mistake, you don’t have to go back to step one.

The campus allows long-distance and international calls

Long-distance calls made within the United States for university business are included in the basic set of UITS services for IU faculty and staff. Call 812-855-2111 or 317-274-3004 to get an Authorization Code or to find out what the current rates are for international business calls.

How To Use Telephone In Offic: you can make a call to another country or a place far away.

  • For an outside line, dial 9.
  • For calls within the U.S., dial 1, and for calls outside the U.S., dial 011.
  • To make an international call, dial the area code, the country code, and, if necessary, the city code.
    Just dial the number.
  • If you hear two short tones right after each other, then a long tone, international calls will sound jumbled. This is the code that lets you in.
  • From campus, dial 9, then 1, then the number you want to call.

Long-Distance Calls From Campus to Campus The last five digits of a number can be used to make a direct call between Indiana University Bloomington (IUPUI) and any other campus (e.g., 5-1234).

Use the same long-distance number as for any other business call from one campus to another (see above)

Anyone on campus can make long-distance calls.
If you are a staff or faculty member, you can make a long-distance call from another campus. Just do what it says on your IU calling card. To get an IU calling card, talk to your telecommunications coordinator.

If you don’t know who your IU Bloomington telecommunications coordinator is, you can call IUPUI at 317-274-3004 or 812-856-2287.


Can an old phone with dials still work?

Many cable-modem and fiber-optic networks put a device that works like a switch at the customer’s home. This device converts the signal to copper wires. As long as they have a dialling knob, old phones will still work. Almost all of them do.

How can I turn my home phone into a mobile phone?

Connect a telephone with a cord to a wireless transmitter kit to turn it into a phone without a cord. You can buy these kits at stores that sell hobbies or electronics. If you have a wireless receiver and transmitter, you don’t have to change the phone line or corded phone.

Can you call a cell phone from a landline?

Using a star code, you can call a cell phone from a landline phone. Call forwarding is turned on with a code, usually *72. This gives you the option to send the caller straight to the number you gave.

What does the 44 mean in a phone number?

The international phone number for the United Kingdom is +44. You can call this number from outside the UK by starting a British number with +44.

What does “plus” mean when it’s in front of a number?

The code + is used everywhere. It means that the next number or numbers are either a Country Code or, more specifically, a World Zone number, which may or may not be followed by a Country Code. To call someone outside of the country you are in, you don’t have to know the exact order of the numbers.


To use a landline phone, all you have to do is pick up the receiver and wait for the dial tone. Then, press the keys on the keypad that corresponds to the number you want to call. Lastly, press the “call” button.

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