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kataxon wood computer desk

Ktaxon Wood Computer Desk

If you need a desk for learning about or working, this General Style ktaxon wood computer desk is for you! Although the format is simple, it can bring you enough convenience! With built-in drawers, you can save important items inside. Divided compartments offer spacious storage. The pure white exterior offers this Computer Desk an elegant look.

Ktaxon Wood Computer Desk Features

Spacious Desk & Sturdy Metal Frame

The desktop is sturdy and spacious sufficient for you to work or study. The surface and edges of the tabletop are clean to stop scratching your hands. It’s made of durable metal with a sophisticated white finish. Two horizontal steel bars make sure its stability and sturdiness.

Protective Foot Caps

Ktaxon Desk is a protective foot pad under each leg, which greatly stabilizes the desk and protects the floor from being scratched. Premium adjustable leg pads maintain the desk stable even on uneven floors.

Easy to Assemble and Move

Ktaxon desk comes with a detailed manual and whole accessories. The particular assembly steps are listed for your reference. Although equipped with a sturdy structure, the desk is lightweight and easy to move.

Multifunctional Desk

Ktaxon desk can be positioned in your home to learn about the room, bedroom, and office for its practical use, such as a Computer desk, office workstation, study table, or writing desk. It offers sufficient space for a computer, monitor, printer, writing, and studying. Lots of storage space under the desktop.

Ktaxon wood desk construction shape

l shaped kataxon computer deskL Shaped Desk Plan

The L-shaped Ktaxon desk provides enough surface location for equipment and multitasking. Ideal for corners and large areas, L-shaped desks are related using vertical wings, referred to as “bridges” or “backs”, which determine the viewing angle when sitting at the desk. When selecting Right Return or Left Return, the appropriate configuration is decided based on your chosen comfort level.

U Shaped Desk Plan

Ktaxon U-shaped desks have a similar format to L-shaped desks. In this case, a bridge connects two tables, forming a “U” shape. The layout of the space will decide the configuration of a U-shaped desk. If you sit at the important desk and the bridge is on your left, it is a “left bridge” U-shaped desk; if the bridge is on your right, it is a “right bridge” U-shaped desk. U-shaped desks are best for large areas and provide lots of room for components and equipment.

Open desk plan

Open desks provide countless ways to configure a space, from close to a wall to the center of a room. Unlike L- and U-shaped desks, open desks typically consist of only a main desk and no matching furniture. Open-design desks come in a range of sizes and can refer to computer desks, executive desks, credenza tables, secretary desks, laptop stands, and conference tables. 

Mostly Used Desk Material


Ktaxon Wood desks come in a variety of colors and finishes for an attractive, natural look. Real wood tables are commonly greater expensive and more likely to show signs of putting on from everyday use.


Metal-constructed desks provide a solid structure that is perfect for desks in high-traffic areas that are heavily used over time. The metal desk appears stylish.


Plastic finishes have many advantages, along with affordability and durability. While a desk constructed of plastic may no longer offer the same aesthetic value as wood or metal, plastic desk frames come in a variety of colors to complement any aesthetic. Be sure to look for high-quality plastic or thick high-pressure laminate to ensure your desk can withstand everyday use.

Pros of ktaxon wood office furniture

Nothing grabs the attention of a room like a solid, well-crafted wood desk. To entice the whole furniture set for a private office, other wood office furniture can be added, consisting of coffee tables, bookshelves, cabinets, and wood-framed chairs. Solid wooden furniture looks refined, elegant, and warm, helping to create an expert atmosphere in an office environment. For these meetings with client-facing positions, bringing them into your wood-furnished office is certain to come throughout as impressive and confident. Well-crafted wood furniture is recognized to be extremely durable and long-lasting with appropriate care. You do not want to worry about changing furniture frequently due to constant put on and tear. Plus, wood furniture comes in many different, often special colors and patterns, and in a variety of constructions, from traditional desks to sturdy conference tables.

Cons of ktaxon wood office furniture

The great finish and performance of solid wood office furniture also have some drawbacks. First, strong wood furniture is typically much more expensive than furniture made of different materials. Handmade pieces will be extra expensive. Second, solid wood is a heavy material. While this does contribute to its long-lasting construction, it can be hard to assemble and even rearrange in your office space. All this is factored into the fee of buying and installing wood furniture. All wood furniture is susceptible to moisture problems. While a wood desk is fine for daily office use, it is not best when multiple people regularly use it as a shared workspace and problem it with plenty of spilled coffee or tea.


How about a black desk?

A modern all-black desk setup is a great addition to any workspace as it can make your office look refined, neat, expert, and clean. Plus, black is one of the most versatile colors you can get.

What material is the best for a computer desk?

A strong wood desk or hardwood is the best material for the desktop. Hardwood is the most long-lasting option and has a reputation for being a long-term partner. Natural woods come in different grain varieties so they can add a special look to your office.

What color is the best desk?

Apart from that, some of the high-quality desk colors can be neutral pink, light blue, red, yellow, orange, and green. All these colors have a positive impact on the human mind. When your eyes catch any of these colors around you, you may finally feel refreshed.

How to keep the computer desk free from dust?

Maintaining a tidy and clean space on your desk can make cleansing easier and assist reduce dust buildup. Wipe down the work surface with a dry duster, or if necessary, spray the cleaning answer on a cloth and wipe. Do this once a week or more, if necessary.

Does the color of your desk matter?

Desktop color is important because it affects how you feel. If you work in an office, it is very important that colors can affect the mood of those around you. Desktop color has a big impact on productivity and performance. It can change your focus and energy levels, and we’re going to discuss the quality of desk colors.


All in all, the ktaxon wood laptop desk is ideal for those who regularly use their laptop for work or play. You can place your laptop on it, sit in a comfortable position, and proceed working barring falling asleep. I suggest you buy a ktaxon computer desk from own online store at the best price.

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