Samsung Galaxy S23 Lunched Date

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is expected to come out on February 1 at Samsung Unpacked.

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy S23 could be closer than we thought. A trusted leaker said that the Samsung Unpacked event will be on February 1, so that could be when the new Samsung S23 is shown for the first time.

This is what Ice Universe said on Twitter when they wrote “February 1” and “Galaxy Unpacked” after it. This week, there was another rumour that Samsung might delay the release of the Galaxy S23 while it thought about how much to charge for the three different models. However, we think this new leak is more likely to be true.

What this means for when the Galaxy S23 will come out

So, if Samsung keeps to the same pattern this year, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S23 could start as early as February 1, and the phone could come out on February 17.

What to look for in the Galaxy S23:
People say that both the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus will have a redesign that looks more like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. So the curved design should be replaced with a smoother, more unified look on the back that doesn’t have a big camera module.

All three Samsung Galaxy S23: models will probably be powered by the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which has done well in early benchmark tests. In fact, each of the three S23 devices could get a version of the chip with a faster clock speed.

Another rumoured feature: is an improved fingerprint reader with a footprint that is 17 times bigger than Samsung’s current in-screen fingerprint readers. It can even scan several fingerprints at the same time.

To compete with the iPhone 14: the Galaxy S23 line might also have satellite communication. This would let people get help in an emergency even when they aren’t near a cell tower or Wi-Fi. Samsung’s version will reportedly let you share SMS messages and low-resolution images. The iPhone’s version doesn’t let you share images.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra: is expected to have a huge 200MP main camera, which is a big jump from the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 108MP sensor, which was already very sharp. And all three could get an upgrade to a 12MP front camera.

Now that we know when the Galaxy S23 might come out, rumours and leaks are likely to get even bigger. As the big day gets closer, be sure to check out our Samsung Galaxy S23 hub and Galaxy S23 Ultra page for all the latest information.

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