Spotify Bought Heardle, Which Was A Music Guessing Game Based On Wordle

Spotify Bought Heardle, If you attempted to play Heardle this morning and were sent to a Spotify page instead, it wasn’t a mistake. Spotify said today that it has bought the music guessing game that was inspired by Wordle. The music streaming service will use the game to help people find new music.

Spotify Bought Heardle is one of several popular games that are similar to Wordle, a daily word game that grew so popular that The New York Times bought it. In the game, the first second of a popular song is given to you. If you can figure out what song it is in the first second, you win! If not, you get six chances to guess, and each time you fail, the tape becomes twice as long. By the time you make your last guess, you’ll have 16 seconds to discover whether you really are the music expert you believe you are.

In the last several years, Spotify has bought a few companies, particularly in the podcasting arena, such Anchor, Megaphone, and Podz. This is the first time Spotify has bought a game, however. Even Netflix is attempting to use gaming to promote its own shows.

In a press statement, Spotify said, “The look and feel of the game will stay the same, and everyone will still be able to play it for free.” “And as of today, players can listen to the whole song at the end of the game on Spotify.

Before it was bought, Heardle asked users to support the game by making contributions via ko-fi, a platform for tipping creators. Now, its page on ko-fi is no longer working. Still, some fan-made Heardle spinoffs like Lorde Heardle are still available. It would have been a great idea to title it “Lordle.”

Spotify Bought Heardle

The New York Times bought Wordle for an unknown price in the “low seven figures.” Spotify, on the other hand, didn’t say how much it paid for Heardle. The newspaper’s quarterly profitability report said that the Wordle game drew “tens of millions” of new users to the site. This means that the purchase of Wordle looks to have paid off for the newspaper. After players finish the day’s Wordle problem, they get a brief ad for Spelling Bee, another word game from the New York Times. So, it’s probably not a surprise that The New York Times’ Games section had its best quarter ever for adding new subscribers after it bought Games in January. Consumer Top

Even if Heardle isn’t as well-known as Wordle, it’s still a smart move for Spotify to buy it. Similarweb, a company that looks at how people use the web, says that in March, 69 million desktop and mobile online visits were made to the game. Last month, more than 41 million people went to the Heardle website.

Spotify Bought Heardle, Which Was A Music Guessing Game Based On Wordle

This acquisition makes sense for Spotify, which wants to make it easier to find new music and retain users on its service. Like its successful Spotify Wrapped feature, which this year included a game, Heardle might get people to promote the app on their own social media. Even Spotify’s own Twitter account has joined in the fun.



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