The 7 Greatest Replacements for TrueNAS in 2023

The 7 Greatest Replacements for TrueNAS in 2023

In this article, the best and most demanding TrueNAS alternatives will be discussed. TrueNAS offers open-source and flexible CIFS, NFS for file storage, SMB, and iSCSI for block storage. It is the solution for networking management used by almost all widely used operating systems.

According to reports, the TrueNAS operating system is based on FreeNAS, which is regarded as the commercial version of FreeNAS. The most popular storage on the internet, TrueNAS, offers several features like file and block support, high availability, a simple and user-friendly administration interface, and flash performance at the cost of a disc. A hybrid storage system with integrated flash storage that strikes an excellent balance between power and flexibility is known by the moniker TrueNAS.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art hardware platform system and extremely advanced modular architecture, users get the best possible solution.

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge storage networking solution, check out TrueNAS, which will provide you with a high-performance, high availability, feature-rich storage system, as well as a broad variety of corporate business features. TrueNAS provides its customers with a range of services and protocols based on the best available file system.

The 7 Greatest Replacements for TrueNAS in 2023

This is a list of the Top 7 Best TrueNAS Alternatives for 2022.

1. BarracudaDrive

  • If you’re looking for a way to create your own private NAS cloud storage system so that you can share large files with others, BarracudaDrive will undoubtedly be great. Customers can easily manage their private cloud server thanks to a tool called BarracudaDrive for creating personal cloud servers.
  • By using BarracudaDrive, anybody may construct and administer their cloud server in a safe and secure setting. BarracudaDrive is available for free personal use and supports almost all widely used platforms and operating systems. Another Truenas substitute is this.
  • Customers may install any software or application on their virtual private server online thanks to BarracudaDrive (VPS). Any computer or other device can be transformed into a reliable, secure, and private online cloud storage system with the aid of BarracudaDrive. Check out time-tracking software, too.

2. OpenMediaVault

  • OpenMediaVault is a free next-generation network-connected storage system that is based on Debian Linux.
  • It provides a comprehensive solution with features like SSH, FTP, SMB, CIFS, DAAP media server, BitTorrent client, and many others.
  • Despite being designed specifically for use in small offices, it is not limited to those settings.
  • Due to the platform’s relative simplicity and usability, anyone can install and manage a NAS (network-attached storage) without special training.
  • The software is available in many different versions, and each one comes with a tonne of new features and resources.
  • OpenMediaVault’s ability to function immediately out of the box, web-based management volume control, and file sharing, including aggregation, email notification, and extension through a plugin, among other things, are some of its most significant features. Another Truenas substitute is this.

3. FreeNAS

FreeNAS is a network-attached storage (NAS) program that is free and open-source and is based on FreeBSD and the OpenZFS file system.

  • It is widely used by users who wish to move material across Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.
  • However, it also has several shortcomings that turn it into a dull solution.
  • So FreeNAS will undoubtedly be a good option if you’re looking for a suitable OS to install and manage your network-attached storage.
  • A tool called FreeNAS can be used for file sharing, replication, plugins, and snapshots.
  • It is a system that can be easily installed as a virtual system on any hardware platform and then provides the users with the primary feature of data sharing over a network.
  • FreeNAS is the best option for big businesses that need to create a centralized database to share and access data.
  • An expert team develops the best procedure for creating a centralized location for your data.
  • Using this in conjunction with ZFS, users can easily back up, store, and secure all of their data.
  • Everywhere, including small offices and homes, can use this.
  • Additionally, a TrueNAS business-class substitute based on the FreeNAS server exists.

4. Openfiler

The unified storage system of the open-source Openfiler storage management system is its most prominent feature. It comes with many new NAS features, such as CIFS/NFS/HTTP, SAN, iSCSI/FC, high availability, failover, block replication LAN and WAN, a new web-based administration system, cost-free storage capacity expansion, and many more. Another Truenas substitute is this.

  • It is a particular kind of operating system that offers users connected storage using both a file-based and block-based storage area network.
  • These technologies have made Openfiler one of the top online storage-based management solutions.
  • Users may use Openfiler as a free management system and software, and it even allows programmers to see the Openfiler source code. Under the GNU General Public License, it is made available.
  • All of the networks and services that the solution has previously detailed are well supported.

5. Amahi

  • Amahi is the solution for simple and intuitive home networking. As media, home, and app server software, it is a collection of many services and features. Because of Amahi’s user-friendly interface system, the greatest media storage systems, backup systems, and web applications for small and medium-sized networks can all be handled by users. Amahi may be the ideal option for you if all you need is a home server since it is the most popular alternative to most NASs and provides a special group.
  • The main advantage is that all of your data will be restored and transferred to a single computer so that it may easily be shared with other systems. Another Truenas substitute is this. You may securely access your items from almost anywhere since it provides a VPN setup.
  • Amahi also provides features like video streaming, disc pooling, one-click programs, secure backup, file sharing, disc monitoring, dynamic DNS, excellent networking, a wonderful calendar, search you goods, iCal Integration, and many more. also, look at other payment software

6. FlexRAID

  • FlexRAID is a networking system solution for households and companies that organizes and integrates the data on the system. It is a technique for protecting against disc failures and data recovery from them. The technology is also excellent for data preservation and recovery. FlexRAID enables you to consolidate all of your drives into a single spot.
  • The storage polling technology, which all of the devices are a part of, allows users to tune several hard drives of various capacities. By combining many HDDs of varied capacities into one storage unit using the storage polling method known as FlexRAID, you may build your cloud storage.
  • It also offers data protection and recovery using RAID, which is compatible with a variety of file systems.


  • UnRAID is a NAS management solution that houses the bulk of its features and functionality under a single operating system.
  • Users of the application have full command and control over their data and programs, access to resources for the UnRAID partition system, data storage and protection, and data backup.
  • The majority of UnRAID’s products are network-attached storage devices, application servers, and virtualization hosts.
  • Another Truenas substitute is this. Users may make use of a variety of extra features and services, including data storage and security, in all of these areas.
  • It also enables data sharing, automates the backup system, extends on demand, transcodes media, carries out what you want, and does a variety of other activities.
  • UnRAID is intended to be used with a USB device and can support up to 38TB of memory.
  • Up to three hard drives may be used with the unregistered version; if you need to use additional storage devices, you must purchase a registration key.

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