The top 7 best episodes of Crime Junkie will give you goosebumps.

Do you want to watch the top Crime Junkie episodes? Due in large part to people becoming preoccupied every day, podcasts have seen a steady rise in popularity over the past ten years. Nothing could be more soothing than having an audiobook playing in the background as you perform mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning, or even commuting home from the workplace. One of the most popular podcast genres is a crime, which is becoming increasingly popular with listeners, especially when it comes to podcasts like Crime Junkie Episodes which provide mind-numbing episodes.

The real crime world has embraced crime addict broadcaster Ashley Flowers, and her fan base is gradually growing. Her superb narrative skills and soothing voice, which transport you to another universe when you hear the finest Crime Junkie episodes, are the key drivers behind her rising popularity.

Crime Junkie, hosted by Ashley and Brit Prawat, debuted in 2017. A new episode airs every Monday. The audio program has become one of the top true crime podcasts and has covered a wide range of subjects in its episodes, including tales of serial killers, unsolved puzzles, undiscovered investigations, etc.

Check out this list of the top 7 Crime Junkie episodes if you wish to join the show’s devoted audience.

Check out this list of the top 10 most spine-tingling episodes of Crime Junkie to learn more about the show’s greatest work.


This is one of those episodes that starts slowly and builds to a finish in flaps.

In “MURDERED: THE POWELL FAMILY,” Josh Powell, Susan Powell’s husband, is the main suspect for the police when he gives conflicting accounts of the case and acts carelessly in the wake of his wife’s unexpected disappearance. Susan Powell goes missing on a day in early December of 2000.

When the police are ready to accuse Josh of being responsible for his wife’s disappearance after exhaustively investigating the Powell Family case, tragedy strikes, leaving the listeners’ mouths gaping agape.

To learn more about the tragedy that befell the Powell Family, listen to the whole podcast of this Crime Junkie episode.

“LACI PETERSON was murdered.”

The case takes place in 2002, the year Laci Peterson vanished and her husband Scott was subsequently found and given the death penalty for killing her wife. However, this situation is more complicated than what many people would have you believe. The focus of the plot is around the query, “Was Scott responsible for the murder of his wife, Laci?” Scott’s family has maintained their innocence throughout the case, along with the innocence of their boys.

These crime junkie episodes will become your favorite ones thanks to the hosts’ in-depth analyses of the program.

The Long Island Serial Killer is an unsolved cold case that hasn’t been solved as of yet.

After escort Shannan Gilbert vanished, the police started looking into the matter. The police realized they were likely not dealing with a single murder case and that there was likely much more to it when they discovered numerous victims on the south side of Long Island.

The episode contains several tales regarding the alleged murderers of the dead found on Long Island. The most pertinent idea, however, is that the location served as a disposal site for two separate serial murders.

By listening to this podcast, you can spice up your dull existence.


This episode, which many crime enthusiasts claim to be one of the most memorable, must be heard. Bryce vanished in 2013 just two weeks after starting school again. Before his disappearance, he had been acting quite strangely, and on the day of his disappearance, he had spent over 13 hours in his car without giving any explanation.

To learn exactly what went wrong with Bryan before he disappeared, listen to the episode. Did he get kidnapped? He was alive. What happened to him?


The corpse of 17-year-old Kendrick, covered in a gym mat, is found at his school at the start of the episode. Police officials determined that his death was an accident, but his family disagrees and believes that it was murder.

In January 2022, a second local inquiry is conducted, but no evidence that would support a murder conviction is discovered.

Was this a mishap, or are the cops still looking for something? Listen to one of the Best Crime Junkie episodes to get the answers you want.

Operation Fireball, B.W.B.R.S.A.

The episode centers on a situation in which a young man asked a woman he had just met out to supper at a neighboring restaurant. After that, he texts her to let her know that he would be a little late and to ask her to order them two shots of Fireball. You’re going to feel quite uneasy as a result of what happens in this episode, which appears to be straightforward.

Don’t worry, we won’t offer you any spoilers; just listen to it for yourself.

Killer on the High Bridge is wanted.

In this case, two teenage girls were killed close to Indiana; while the crime is still a mystery, recordings found on one of the victims’ phones may help the police apprehend the perpetrator.

Nobody has any idea of who he is or why he killed the two girls.

Have a listen, then let us know what happens next.

Watch the top ones to learn more about Crime addicts. We hope the material was interesting to you and that you are now ready to hear these mind-numbing criminal stories. Please tell us what you thought of these episodes.

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