Tinder Adds New Safety Features, Such As A “Incognito Mode”

Tinder adds new safety features, such as a “Incognito Mode,” to keep people safe. Tinder is adding new features that will make it easier for people to control how they talk to other people on the app. As part of Safer Internet Day, the new features are being rolled out all over the world.

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One of the new features is called “Incognito Mode.” It is better than hiding your profile completely. Members can still Like and Nope in the app, but only people they’ve Liked will see them in their recommendations. The idea behind the feature is to give Tinder users full control over who can see them as they scroll through profiles. Tinder+, Gold, and Premium members can use Incognito Mode, which is a paid feature.

Incognito Mode is a new way to control your experience.” “Tinder has always let you hide your profile, but we wanted to add a feature that lets people hide their profile but still see everyone else and only get shown to people they like.”

The company is also adding a “Block Profile” feature that lets Tinder users choose who they want to see. Now, when suggested profiles come up, users can block them so they don’t show up again before a match. Tinder says that this feature makes it easy to keep from seeing your boss or an ex on the app. The new feature will be added to Tinder’s “Block Contacts” feature, which already lets users choose which of their contacts they don’t want to see or be seen by. Consumer TOP

Last, Tinder is making changes to its “Does This Bother You?” and “Are You Sure?” questions to include more harmful language. When Tinder finds harmful language in a message, it asks, “Are you sure?” before the message is sent. The “Does This Bother You?” prompt tells users to report inappropriate conversations so that the company can take action against users who break the app’s rules. Now, the two features will cover a wider range of words, phrases, and emojis that could be harmful.

By adding “Long Press Reporting,” Tinder is also making it easier for users to report bad behaviour. People can tap and hold on offensive messages to report them, which starts the reporting process right in the chat. The company says that by making it easier to report bad behaviour on the app, it hopes more users will do so.

Kozoll said, “Over the years, we’ve added safety to every step.” “From trying to figure out if our members are real to making sure everyone is being polite to each other. We see every step of that journey as a chance to help. So, today, let’s look at the most recent parts of this change.”

Tinder is also starting a new campaign called “Green Flags.” This campaign shows how safe Tinder is for its users, from making a profile to liking and matching people to chatting to meeting in person. The company says that the Green Flags campaign is an extension of Match Group’s recent campaign, which gave users tips on how to avoid being scammed online through in-app messages and email alerts.

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